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14 Dec by hvculturalarts

How to Make Tie Dye Leggings

tie dye leggings

How to Make Tie Dye Leggings

If you want to add a little flare to your legs, best tie dye leggings are an excellent choice. The legging style of shirt is very casual and great for wearing to the mall, beaches or just around town. As with all tie dye leggings, make certain to wear organic fibers. Many tie dye leggings made today are made from cotton, which can take dye quite well, as long as you use a natural fiber like cotton. Most leggings made with spandex have less than ten percent spandex, however do tend to be a little warm.


To complete your look, you will need a tie dye leggings kit to apply the dye. Some kits include the dye, brush and some instructions. Follow the instructions closely, as your first few tries may not turn out correctly. The color you get when you are finished tying the dye to your legs will be very different than the one you get from a typical sweater, however it will still look fantastic!


To complete the tie dye leggings, you will need a solid color shirt, a pair of long pants with long sides, a thin pair of socks and a piece of ribbing or fabric material that will hold the socks in place, like a scrapbooking paper piece. You will also need a tie dye kit to complete the dye job. This kit usually contains the dye, brush and fabric pieces that you will need to complete your project, as well as instructions for washing and drying the pants and socks.…